A&J Champagneproeverij
After a holiday in the Champagne region in France, me and my boyfriend developed a new hobby - champagne tasting! When we came home we decided that we wanted to learn more about it and introduce a monthly tasting tradition. We put aside a champagne budget so we could try a couple of new labels every month, including other kinds of sparkling wines like cava, cremant etc. 
This inspired me to extend the idea of a champagne tasting club (Champagneproeverij in Dutch) into a mini branding project where I could try out some new techniques like foil printing and wax sealing, and also a more premium oriented visual language. I designed a logo, a branded notebook with tasting sheets, letterhead, engraved glasses, and a screenprinted tote to carry bottles in.
Client Self-initiated
Category Branding, Graphic Design, Print
Year 2015-2016
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