Neleman wines are high quality organic wines made in Spain. With special attention for local authentic grapes, reflecting the soil and region. Each wine has its own personality and you can taste the passion and love they've been made with. They allow nature to do its work. Good wine is made in the vineyard.
I designed a wide range of graphic materials including print adverts, social ads, digital campaigns, books, magazines, tasting materials, illustrations, posters and branded items. 
Client Neleman Organic Vineyards (in-house work)

Print adverts in Volkskrant Magazine & Bokbier Festival Zutphen's magazine.

Printed direct mail brochures for Christmas and Easter.

Printed direct mail postcards and discount vouchers. 

Social ads.

Banners for email campaigns.

Targeted digital campaign in collaboration with DPG Media. Design collaboration with Katya Tereshkova
Neleman Magazine. Click here to view the full magazine.
Graphic Design Anna Lindner​​​​​​​
Cover Katya Tereshkova
Concept & creation Derrick Neleman
Editor Natasja van Dijk
Copywriter Esther van Vondel
Photography Lia Marrugat, Santiago Vidal Vallejo & Mariela Apollonio
Illustration Eduardo Ramon Trejo

Aroma wheel & tasting form for wine tastings.

Tasting placemat for wine tastings.

Posters for the Danish wine importer Sprit & Co.

Cookbook with recipes paired with Neleman wines. 
Click here to view a sample from the cookbook.
Graphic Design Anna Lindner​​​​​​​
Cover Duplo Studio
Photography & recipes Foodteam
Foreword Onno Kleyn

Signage, art print, gallery wall design and branded clothing in Neleman's winery and hotel in Spain.

Room design of the Neleman room in Dormio Wijnhotel in Valkenburg. Collaboration with Katya Tereshkova

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